Our Leadership

Riverside Baptist Church is made up of a body of Christ that is served by two distinct offices. These two offices are pastor and deacon. Our church is a pastor led congregation.  Rather than one CEO pastor who runs the entire church, Riverside operates under the oversight of a plurality of pastors (the New Testament uses the terms “elders”, “bishops”, and “overseers” interchangeably with the term “pastors”) and the church is served by a plurality of deacons. This model is rooted in the New Testament structure of the early church where we see multiple pastors and deacons serving individual churches (James 5; Acts 6; Acts 20).


  • Pastor Josh Parham has served Riverside as pastor since July of 2017. He serves as the leader among equals, overseeing various ministries within the church and the shepherding needs of our church family. He puts his main focus on the pulpit ministry—the weekly expository preaching of God’s Word. Josh is a native of Lookout Valley, loves all Georgia sports, military biographies, and camping. He and Jesse, his wife of 18 years, have 3 sons. [email protected]
  • Pastor Garrett Reagan has served Riverside as pastor since August 2018. He assists Pastor Josh in pulpit ministry, oversight of all the ministries of the church and shepherding needs. In addition, he directly oversees the discipleship ministry of youth and families. Garrett has never met a sport he did not love to play and coach. Garrett is a native of Lookout Valley where he and his wife Jaessa reside. [email protected]
  • Our Deacons are Bill Jones, Tony Fortner, and Troy Goins. These men oversee various tasks within the church including benevolence needs, service preparation, and grounds maintenance.