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Our Worship Services:

Our online teaching archive is here:

Riverside Baptist Church is located at:
3335 Boydston Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37419

We normally gather at these times during the week:

  • 10AM Sunday School
  • 11AM Sunday Worship
  • 7PM Wednesday Adult Prayer Meeting and Bible Study
  • 7PM Wednesday Youth Group Elementary, Middle and High Schoolers

As you visit our worship services, you can expect to see some very distinct things taking place in our worship:

  1. Worship is about God. In the Scriptures, God has set the boundaries of worship, and we seek to engage in authentic worship. We worship our Lord in our singing with music from all time periods, incorporating both hymns and contemporary music. We are not seeking to design our worship services around what makes other Christians feel a certain way or is attractive to specific fleshly desires—such as particular music styles and other preferences. We welcome all unbelievers and guests to join us for our worship services, but we want to be clear that we are gathered each week with a desire to worship and honor God.
  2. The Bible is Preeminent. Our church gatherings are centered upon the holy Scriptures. You will see this from the very opening call to worship from an opening Scripture reading, during the exposition of the sermon text, and with a benediction reading of Scripture.
  3. Participation. We are not called to gather for worship on the Lord’s Day to watch people worship or listen to people sing to us. We are called to be active participants in worship. It is our goal to be participating in the reading of Scripture, the prayers, the singing of the gospel, the preaching of the Word, the offering, and even during the benediction. God has called us to be worshipers—not spectators.
  4. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper: The two ordinances of the church should be rightly administered. Baptism by immersion is to be administered with the gathered church after profession of faith. The Lord’s Supper should be carefully administered with the church after providing proper directions to the church. Both ordinances are commanded by Christ and are for the worship of our God.
  5. Worship is to be Lived Out in Community: We believe that expressions of Worship should not be limited to 2 hours on Sunday morning. After we are commanded to love our God, we are likewise commanded to love our neighbor. God can be worshipped through charitable acts of service, distributing food to the needy, and witnessing to our friends and family. It is our aim to serve our community for the glory of our Father in heaven.